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Friday, January 20, 2006

1). Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was miscast in "Match Point". There should be a lot of tension surrounding that character as his cheating, lies and manipulations are weighing him down, and I don't think he was up to the challenge. Everything else about the movie was great, though.

2). Sad songs are generally longer than happy ones. I think it's because we want to linger on sad thoughts more than we want to indulge feelings of joy. I was making two mix CD's today - one with downbeat songs, one with upbeat songs. There is only a seven-second difference between the CD's and yet the upbeat CD has 23 tracks, while the downbeat CD has only 16.

3). Perhaps the reason the video game character Mario is so famous in our pop culture is that he is an underdog. Rather than being a strapping knight with a horse and a sword, he's an overweight plumber with a thick Italian accent. And yet, because of his knowledge of the underground piping systems, he ends up being the only person who can save a beautiful princess from a fire-breathing dragon. Maybe we all wish we could be like Mario, and that's why we play the games. Or maybe it's because they're fun.

4). Both Franz Kafka and Sarah Kane had issues with their body. Not so much in vain sense of feeling fat or being scrawny, but in the sense of feeling like their minds and souls were better fitted in different vessels, whether it be another body, another era or another species.

5). Sometimes you can be too friendly and too charismatic with your customer service, to the point where you become off-putting, awkward and almost creepy (especially when you not only make physical contact with a woman, but question the gender and sexuality of a man).

6). "Transamerica" will apparently never open up in Orange County. At this point, it's not even in Los Angeles. Felicity Huffman will surely get an Oscar nomination, and so people will hear about and desire to see the movie eventually (especially "Desperate Housewives" fans). Century Stadium 25 cannot hold out on me much longer. They're going to have to show it soon enough.

7). Directing an actress who operates on the same wavelength that you do is a thing that not only pleases, but invigorates. Only two rehearsals in, I'm finding that Jessica and I see eye to eye on nearly everything.

8). I'm surprisingly not nervous about starting playwriting classes at South Coast Repertory that will be taught by rising playwright Noah Haidle. Perhaps it is because I have so many things going on in my life, and this latest development happened so quickly and so suddenly. I will probably be unable to let it fully set in until I finally there.

9). Mention was made to me today about the upcoming O.C. Weekly Theater Awards (the Tony's of Orange County). I get way too much pleasure out of predicting awards shows, and this one is particularly fun to research considering that I actually know some of these people.

10). I wish I were at the Sundance Film Festival. A snowball fight with Zooey Deschanel and Michel Gondry sounds really good right about now.

Regarding #5: Yeah, um ... I didn't like that waiter touching me today. Or trying to make jokes that interrupted us at every turn. Or making that stupid comment about your sexuality. What a dipshit.

But, like I said, I still tipped him well because I felt bad about my sarcastic replies to what he thought was funny. I was rude. :(

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