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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
On the way to Washington D.C. this past weekend, Darcy Hogan and I created a new style of poetry. After writing a limerick while waiting for the plane to take-off, she and I decided that there needed to be a new form of poetry, one that combined a haiku-like line structure with a limerick-like rhythm.

We called it the hoable (since the gabgan just didn't sound right), and we came up with the guidelines for writing one:

* Each hoable follows a five-line nineteen-syllable structure that is as follows:
One two three
One two three
One two three four
One two three four
One two three four five

* Each hoable has a specific rhythm to it that is as follows:
Ba ba ba
Ba ba ba
Ba ba ba-da ba

* The end of the second and fifth lines of a hoable must rhyme. All other rhyming is at the poet's discretion.

* The third and/or fourth lines of a hoable must contain a verb.

* The fifth line of a hoable must contain an adjective.

* The following is an example, the first hoable ever written:

Here's our poem
It's brand new
If you like it,
please repeat it
Take our clever cue

We want the hoable to become the next haiku. A MySpace page and website are in the works. I've been writing hoables all weekend and I find it just enough of a challenge without being too difficult. It's easy to learn, and it's addictive. So spread the word. Write a hoable and leave it as a comment on my blog. Send hoables to your friends.

And for now, I give you my favorites of the hoables I was writing this weekend:


Wound-up nerves
Calmed and free
Staring at the
cotton sunlight
She is pure beauty


No matter
what we do,
if you go up
high enough, the
sky is always blue

300,000 STRONG

On the march
Lift the sign
Join the thousands
chanting loudly
Protest's loud align

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