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Thursday, September 29, 2005
My best friend from high school, one James Gentry, has been going crazy with leaving comments on my blogs, which makes me happy since he stopped pissing and moaning about me not leaving messages without acknowledging that MySpace goes both ways (oh, yeah, I said it!).

In responding to my blogs about theatre, he calls me an "acter". I have to say that I really like his new spelling of the word. The word "actor" has left a rotten taste in my mouth as of late. It is a word that wants to have the weight of importance. It is a word that wants to imply an occupation. It is a word that wants to be said in a loud English tone with a long dramatic pause before its utterance (usually in a fit of rage from a formerly-knighted Shakespeare fanatic who has been reduced to reciting pizza slogans).

However, this new spelling is much more compatible with my idea of a performer. When you say the word, it almost warrants a Southern drawl. It sounds like something you do rather than study. It makes a lot of sense in terms of its definition: One that acts (why do they bother putting definitions like that in the dictionary? Has anyone in the history of mankind looked up "actor" in the dictionary and said, "One that acts? Oh, NOW I get it!").

From this moment on, I am no longer an actOR. I am an actER. It makes sense, since am I writER, an associate literary managER and a total losER. Maybe it will make the world of theatre a little bit less pretentious from now on. At least to me.

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