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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
I have become a zombie. No one bit me, nor is there a rage-filled virus that's going around (other than the Atkins Diet). Perhaps it's in celebration of "Land of the Dead", a movie that I still haven't seen (though I did make time for "Fantastic Four", starring Jessica Alba's cleavage and an insane amount of setup. The plot finally arrived about 90 minutes late saying "Sorry, guys, traffic was horrible!"). It is simply through a lack of sleep that I've entered this vegatative state.

In fact, here's proof. I don't even want to write about being tired anymore. THAT'S how tired I am. So since I can't seem to keep my head on one topic, here comes my thought process, unfiltered and unstructured. Enjoy!:

Show me an actress hotter than Jessica Alba, and I'll show you a blind man. Deep Roy as the Oompa-Loompa (complete with Bollywood-like musical numbers) was the high point of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". I wish I were copying scripts right now. I've been doing it for the reading series, and I find it to be a very relaxing exercise, but only if the copier is slow. I need to get the copy of "Occupational Hazard" back from Shannon so that I can start copying it. Jason Lindner is a master of the English language. So is Will Eno. So is Kit Steinkellner. So is anyone who can write a good one-man show that contains only one character. I want to write a one-man show. Would that be self-indulgent, since I would play the role, too? Eric Bogosian did it all the time in the '80's. Of course, people listened to Wham! in the '80's. I need to copy "Thom Pain (based no nothing)" for Darin, but I have to be careful which copier I use. I hope my production isn't too low at work. I hope they don't mind that I sleep in my car during breaks. I hope that I can pay for everything that I need to pay for. Do I really need to get my Disneyland passport renewed before it expires on Saturday? Can't I just wait until I get paid on the 29th? I need to pee. I'm gonna do that...


Better. John looked like John Lennon last night. Appropriate, since they're both named John. I'm glad Jessica's excited about "4.48 Psychosis". She's doubting herself, but I'm not even worried about her. I just hope I can do the show justice. I don't want to end Hunger's streak of good shows. What else should I direct? "Art", of course. "The Zoo Story". Something of my own? I need to work on "Orange Alert". Make it better. I'm really glad Terri, Darcy and Mike are doing the reading. The L.A. reading was great. Abigail was an awesome Lindsey. Darcy will be an awesome Lindsey. I wish I could go to vmk.com at work. But then I'd never get any work done. I hope that I can get the rewrites done reasonably soon. I hope I can get that comic book rewritten soon, too. Send it to Anne and see if I can start on a new career as a writer. However, I know nothing about writing comic books. Just like I know nothing about writing for movies or television. Come to think of it, I know nothing about writing plays. I know nothing about writing. I feel dizzy. Don't think about things that give you anxiety. I wish I were in bed. With Brey. Both of us sleeping. We both need sleep. What do I want for lunch?

You know what, I'm going to go to lunch. I'm sorry I haven't been able to form complete thoughts lately. Just slap me in the face the next time you see me.

Gladly! ;)
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