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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
I discovered a cricket in my room. Normally I am freaked out by insects (I don't do well with exoskeletons), but crickets are in that rare group that I'm okay with. When I discovered it, it was hanging out next to my CD collections (probably admiring it, although I'm sure he was wondering why there aren't any Buddy Holly CD's), chirping its mating call, foolishly hoping that a female will be hanging out by the DVD's.

The cricket on your hearth is considered a sign of good luck (since I don't really have a hearth, I'm wondering if the CD collection is a good substitute), and in fact it is considered bad luck to kill one (which I had coincidentally read earlier that day in the play "Bug" by Tracy Letts, which so far is quite, quite good). So rather than disposing of it, Brey gave it the name of Bloody Bugger (B.B. for short), and we're welcoming it for as long as it wants to camp out in my room.

Good luck is needed at the moment, as I am in the beginning process of my first bit of real management. At Hunger Artists, I am heading up the newly-founded reading series that will take place every two weeks.

"But wait," you more astute readers will point out, "didn't you write a post a few months ago talking about how you hated readings and talkbacks? Now you're heading up a reading series?" Well, allow me to explain.

In deciding our 2006 season, we were faced with several prospects. Rather than all of the copying, reading, discussing, etc., it was decided that it would be more exciting to get our enormous group of phenomenal actors together and have them read the material. After all, why read a play when you can have people like Mark Coyan, Jessica Beane, Terri Mowrey and Mark Palkoner read them for you?

This way, we are involving our entire company in the process of choosing our shows. The process will be relaxed (no staging, no special lights or costumes, just actors sitting down, reading from scripts). Rather than sapping the spontaneity of theater through "workshopping", we are helping to create a year of theatre that will truly be collaborative (and with those shows that we don't choose, it will still be fun to see Hunger's best tackle the material). So wish me luck (via Bloody Bugger)!

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