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Thursday, April 21, 2005
While driving to work this morning (which is sort of a lie. You don't really "drive" to work any morning in Orange County. It's more of a slow coasting down the freeway while staring at the lame bumper stickers on the car in front of you), I was listening to the radio, as I am wont to do.

A commercial came on for a guy called "Mr. D.U.I.", an attorney who specializes in drunk driving cases. He was bragging about a recent case in which a man's blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit, and Mr. D.U.I., in all his glory, was able to clear this man's name in court and return his license to him. He then said, "If you had a blood alcohol test taken against you, if you had your license taken away, or especially if you refused to take a test, I can help you."

Now I know that I should be practicing the Christian laws of forgiveness (although I don't have a religion, but that's another story for another time), but shouldn't we, you know, punish those who, you know, commit crimes? Not to say that I am holier than thou (whoever thou is), but if I was driving under the influence and I was caught, I would expect to get punished, and I would take my punishment with a smile (well, maybe not a smile, but probably at the very least a 50's sitcom "Who me?" kind of shrug).

I'm am getting increasingly tired of this society where people refuse to take responsibility for their actions. A friend of mine recently said, "I can't wait to become famous so I can get away with killing people," and it's sadly true. Robert Blake was acquitted, George W. Bush hasn't been tried as a war criminal (and never will be) and I recently had to turn my back to two former friends of mine who, in what I can only assume is a state of jealousy, have been hurting someone I love through their unfair lies and manipulations.

I think the idea of not owning up to something that you did is absurd. Do these people really want to live in a lawless society, where anyone can sneak their way out of all of their mistakes and mishaps? Do they think that they can get away with this for the rest of their lives? The two aforementioned former friends are in a high school environment, so while they can use their "tee hee, who me" popularity and charm to get what they want now, they are going to have a rude awakening when they get to the real world and find out that their lack of ethics (combined with their poor planning/working skills and their unique ability to burn bridges) will only get them so far (especially if they continue to be in the world of theatre, where reputation and work ethic are huge factors toward success).

I think that the idea of confession is something that should be put in a secular environment. I think that the 21st century should be the Century of Confession. I know that asking for complete honesty is hand-in-hand with asking for world peace, but call me an idealist. I just hate seeing our society go down the toilet.

In other news, me being a Worrying Wally (or Fretting Freddy or Scaredy Sammy, whichever you choose) about "Marat/Sade" turned out to be unfounded. With each rehearsal this week, the show has been getting tighter and more focused. It still needs work, but with two weeks to smooth everything out, I think it will get there. Long live the Revolution!!!

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