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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
"...I got the big cups from the other break room because we were out of big cups here, so that should be enough for everyone, and the coffee in that pot is strong because I like it strong, so I made it strong, I don't like seeing transparent coffee, so those Yankees won last night, huh, I couldn't believe it, oh and Sam Mills died, but it's not showing it in the paper, I'm not seeing it so maybe, oh, here it is, Sam Mills, oh, intestinal cancer, that's too bad, that's too bad, so I was at the ninety-nine cent store last night and it was all for Mother's Day, and..."

Being someone who really doesn't need input from a second party to hold a decent conversation, it's really nice when I meet someone who's the same way.

All right...keep this a secret...and don't ever say I said this to you...no,I'm not trying to hold you hostage.

My mom is an OC director who is directing Play It Again Sam at Cypress Civic Theatre. Now, I've heard in the past you've wanted to play the role of Allen (Well hopefully!). Well...my mom might just give you that chance. She told me she would cast you in a heartbeat, and I think this is a go if you're willing to do it. Of course, I think you will. And you'd probably cast ahead of time. Trust me on this,Jeremy.

By the way...big fan of Coldplay!
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