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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Here are ten reasons to see "Princess Marjorie" at South Coast Repertory, playing through March 27th:

1). It's the best show I've seen in a long time.
2). The two lead actors who carry the show never hit one wrong note.
3). It features a ukelele solo that is alternately hilarious and heartbreaking.
4). It breaks the fourth wall to an extreme I've never seen before (two of the actors go to Burger King midway through Act Two).
5). It's extremely funny, but with subtext and depth infused in the story.
6). Something flies in from the wings at the end (and as anyone who's seen a Broadway musical can tell you recently, you have to have something dropping from the ceiling to have a good show)
7). It's an accessible story to anyone who once fell in and out of obsession with someone else.
8). It was written by Noah Haidle, a 26 year-old playwright who is one of the hottest emerging voices in theater.
9). It's the greatest piece of theatre about the power of imagination since "Fantasmic!" (yes, SCR, you can quote me on that one).
10). It comes at a time when most of the shows that are out there are either morality plays that scream their message to the audience at the end (something "Princess Marjorie" quite literally refuses to do) or are pieces of entertainment with very little meat in the broth, which makes its fusion of art and entertainment all the more refreshing.

And now, here are ten notable things that happened to me while attending the OC Weekly Theater Awards on Monday:

1). Winning a special award for "Best Solo Performance". Let's get that one out of the way now.
2). Performing a monologue from "The Gog/Magog Project" on the "Princess Marjorie" stage in front of 200 representatives from various theaters around the county in which I told them all that theater was dead.
3). Almost falling off the stage while performing the monologue due to my standing on a chair...on a slanted stage...after having a vodka tonic.
4). Seeing Joe Smash enter right at the end of my acceptance speech and go, "What???"
5). Watching Brett Cain perform "Land of Opportunity" (I like that guy)
6). Feeling immense guilt at butting in on a conversation between Kelly Flynn and a very kind elderly woman who ended up getting shut out of the conversation.
7). Running into a couple of people from Laguna Playhouse who saw "American Way" when it went up in L.A. (perhaps because I like to lead a double life, I tend to keep my acting in O.C. and my writing in L.A. So when they converge, it is always a little frightening to me).
8). Seeing one particularly pretentious actor that I've worked with before arrive to the event exceedingly overdressed, complete with bowtie and cane.
9). Steven Lamprinos' grateful face and subsequent speech after deservedly winning Best Supporting Actor for "Roscoe Spitzer is Afraid of Dying"
10). FREE VODKA!!!

And finally, let me just get this out of the way: Terri Schiavo, feeding tube, Supreme Court. Sorry, it's just that being someone who writes for others to see, I am required to say those three key terms, just like anyone else who is halfway connected with the media. All I'm going to say on the matter is, right or wrong, the decision needs to be left out of the hands of Congress. I believe in a separation of feeding tube and state.

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