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Monday, February 07, 2005
These are the things that I learned over the past weekend:

* Ninja rolls are funny.

* When auditioning for a theater, it probably isn't best for you to insult those you are auditioning for by saying you hate something they are passionate about (that one's for you, Brandon).

* "Time Crisis III" is a really fun game.

* The only thing I miss about not going to college is hanging out in cramped quarters with several people around my age who share my beliefs. I was in a one-bedroom apartment with several attractive late teen/early twentysomethings, making fun of "Steel Magnolias" and listening to one of them pla Damien Rice on the guitar. It felt wonderful.

* I'm obsessed with the Bobby Darin song "Beyond the Sea". I don't know why. I love that song now.

* "Before Sunrise" is a film that really stays with you long after you've seen it. I can only imagine what "Before Sunset" will be like (that is until I actually see it).

* We could be spies.

* It's becoming a tradition for me to steal a menu from Claim Jumper every time I go now. My count currently stands at two dinner menus and one saloon guide. Someone laid down a challenge for me to walk away with a salad bowl from their buffet. I could very well do it, too.

* "Kafkaesque" is my new favorite adjective.

* Right now, I'm very tired and it feels like my arms are typing these words independent of thought. They feel like they are separate life forms.

And finally...

* I did not watch the Super Bowl. Sorry. I've grown tired of commercials, even good ones, and I've never found a football team to cheer for. I do like that everyone today is talking about how Paul McCartney gave a "safe" halftime show, as if they really expected him to pull a flapper in the middle of his set. There was much made this year about commercials that "pushed the limits of decency". I have not seen any of them, but I can say this: No, they didn't. They really didn't. Unless the commercial featured two people fucking, followed by one of them killing the other and then saying, "THAT'S why you should drink Budweiser", then they didn't push any sort of limit. So chill out.

My entire life, I've watched exactly 1 Super Bowl, and that was to just hang out with my friends on a Sunday.
When most people hear this they are agast. Without fail they ask me: "What about the commercials?"
Um, since when did we schedule our time around people trying to sell us stuff? Commercials were what happened between the stuff we wanted to watch, not vice-versa!
And, does Pepsi REALLY need to get their name out there some more?
But, I digress...

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