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Friday, February 18, 2005
72 Hours in Limerick Form:

What a past few days this has been
Filled with movies, food, music and sin
I got lots of sleep
Emotions ran deep
Now all stored in my memory bin

On Tuesday I went off to work
And while channeling my inner perk
I heard lots of crying
My e-mail was trying
To not be an emotionless jerk

Other countries I was asked to go
Disappointment when I replied "No"
They tell me how to escape
Accusations of rape
Their lack of trust fills me with woe.

On Wednesday I got up at four
In twenty minutes out of the door
I was surprisingly rested
And singlehandedly bested
The rest of the colleagues on my floor

To San Diego I went later that night
And saw a truly unbearable sight
With much pretend sobbing
And her blonde hair bobbing
Overacting with all of her might

Then at Carlsbad, I got to see more
of the past of the girl I adore
The school was quite dark
The beach was a lark
And I still love the top that she wore

Now on Thursday, asleep until one
Where can we go to have fun?
Red Robin for lunch
On burgers we munch
Guacamole and bacon on a bun.

Then it's Memory Lane that we pass
Both of us filled with beefy gas
Up to level three,
We sit down and see
Topher Grace act like an ass.

The rest of it becomes a slight blur
I just remember there being me and her
All the while Bright Eyes sings
Fullerton and two rings
And some raised voices did occur

At the end of the night, going back home
Me with sore neck, her in mute tone
My arm round her back
Our feelings intact.
I'm so glad that I'm not alone.

Back at work, my computer is slow
I wish it were two days ago
It had good and bad
It wasn't all glad
But I'd not trade it for anything I know

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