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Monday, January 10, 2005
A few points...

- Don't watch "Collateral" just before going to bed. You'll have dreams about men in nice suits trying to kill you.

- Why is it that I cannot seem to get to sleep before midnight anymore? I cannot remember the last time I went to bed in the P.M. It's becoming habit for me. You shouldn't be able to watch Conan O'Brien when you have to get up at 5:45 in the morning.

- "The Aviator". Pros: Great direction, awesome cast, compelling story. Con: Long-ass running time. Result: Best Picture Oscar nomination. Just wait and see.

- I'm glad that I have NPR in my life. I watch the morning news, which lately seems to have a central message: "The top story is all the rain in Southern California. Then we'll go to Weather to talk about all the rain. Then we'll go to Traffic to talk about how the rain will affect your drive. But first, rain!" Then I listen to NPR, whose central message is this: "People have been dying by the thousands halfway across the world because of a huge-ass tsunami that turned a whole section of the world into something worse than a war zone. Oh, and California's been getting a little bit of rain." World news really puts things in perspective.

- Brey, discussing the opening credits of "Bad Education": "It reminded me of a Hitchcock movie, with how it looked and the music and everything." One of the many reasons why I adore this woman. The movie is also just as good on a second viewing. I'm telling you, if you want a film that will completely knock you on your ass, this is the one.

- It astounds me how well-educated people can be Bush supporters. When I talk to them, they seem to agree with me on most of the issues. And yet, they voted for Bush. I think the reason is that, like Bush, they only care about specific factions of the country, rather than looking at the whole picture. So they overlook issues like free speech, foreign relations and environmentalism, and focus on national security. They don't seem to understand that neglecting those aforementioned issues threatens the national security.

- I procrastinate way too much. I'm going to work on it...starting tomorrow (yes, I'm aware that's the oldest joke in the Procrastination Joke book, but I still like it).

- You would think that after years of dance training I would be able to do a freaking double pirouette. But no amount of teaching has ever been able to get me to do more than 1 1/2. It's extremely frustrating.

- I realized this post sounds very negative. I'm actually quite happy right now. Please ignore everything I said here.

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