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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Sorry in advance for the pissy mood. I didn't get the role in "This Is Our Youth". I'm extremely excited for my sister, who did get in the show. But I am also disappointed, as you can imagine. When it comes to shows like that and "Equus" (which I auditioned for last summer and did not get), it's almost a hopeless feeling, because those shows rarely get produced around here, and I'm just the right age for both. So there's a very good chance that I will never get to play those roles. But I was getting a lot of roles and a lot of people have been asking me to be in their shows, so I think this was good for me. Like Walt Disney said, "A kick in the teeth can be the best thing in the world for you."

Still, I'm really crabby, and being at work doesn't help. First off, everyone keeps talking about the holiday party that we had on Saturday. "Did you have a good time at the party? How long did you stay at the party? What did you think of the party?" I'm sorry, but the holiday party never has been all that great. Granted, it was worlds better this year, because they put it at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. I was saved from the agony of mingling with people I see every day - and watching them get drunker and sadder as the night went on - by some really interesting exhibits of aquatic life (which I've always felt is like alien life. Where else on earth are you going to see something like a jellyfish or a manta ray?).

It was also quite interesting to watch schools of fish as they all mindlessly swam in a circle, and then watch the same kind of telekinetic meandering from the people on the dance floor. But I grew tired (both of the party, and tired in general) and left early. And now I'm not hearing the end of it. "When did you leave? Why did you leave so early? Were you not having a good time?" Remember, the party was last Saturday night. Today is Tuesday. I was pretty much over the party after having told the third person about flashlight fish (which I've decided I want a tank of).

And as if I wasn't already a smidge cantankerous, a co-worker of mine, who has the unique ability to beat a jest into the ground until it goes from mildly amusing to extremely annoying, starts teasing me about my girlfriend. So this is the official record for those who don't know, just so that I can put an end to this:

- Yes, I am dating a wonderful young woman who is, in age only, seventeen.
- Yes, her mother approves of me.
- Yes, we are staying within the boundaries of the law.
- Yes, she has a name (Brey).
- Yes, I'm extremely happy, the happiest I've been in a very long time.

So please stop acting like town gossips.

Please stop using the phrase "robbing the cradle".

Please stop giving me looks like "I never knew this dark side of you" (I am not a criminal), or "Way to go, tiger" (she is not a conquest).

And please, PLEASE stop telling me to "be careful", as if she's going to turn around and claim statutory rape on me. I don't bring up the possibility that your wife could steal your money and run off with your best friend, so show me the same respect.


Okay, I feel much better now. Venting is good.

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