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Thursday, December 02, 2004
It's that time of year again! Awards season! This is where I become a humongous hypocrite. I know that awards ceremonies are overblown, pretentious ceremonies that contribute to the idolatry of celebrities that I so despise.

And yet, I love watching, predicting and taking stats on awards ceremonies. I have since I was very young. I keep tabs on all of the movie awards ceremonies, the Tony's, the Grammy's, the LA Ovation Awards and the OC Weekly Theater Awards. I have lists of upcoming Broadway shows, rave reviews in various publications, notable performances, etc.

Now, the official start of the movie awards season happened yesterday, when the National Board of Review gave their annual awards show. They are as follows:

TEN BEST FILMS: "Finding Neverland" (Marc Forster)
"The Aviator" (Martin Scorsese)
"Closer" (Mike Nichols)
"Million Dollar Baby" (Clint Eastwood)
"Sideways" (Alexander Payne)
"Kinsey" (Bill Condon)
"Vera Drake" (Mike Leigh)
"Ray" (Taylor Hackford)
"Collateral" (Michael Mann)
"Hotel Rwanda" (Terry George)
BEST DIRECTOR: Michael Mann - "Collateral"
BEST ACTOR: Jamie Foxx - "Ray"
BEST ACTRESS: Annette Bening - "Being Julia"
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Thomas Haden Church - "Sideways"
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Laura Linney - "Kinsey"
BEST ENSEMBLE ACTING: "Closer" (Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Clive Owen)
BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
BEST ANIMATED FILM: "The Incredibles"
BEST DOCUMENTARY: "Born Into Brothels"

I feel this is going to be Jamie Foxx's year. Whether he deserves it or not, I can't be sure. I have not seen the movie yet, though I would very much like to (along with "Kinsey", "Finding Neverland", "The Polar Express", "House of Flying Daggers", "The Machinist", "Closer" and several other films coming out in the next few weeks). I was also disappointed to not find "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" or "Kill Bill, Vol. 2" on the Top 10 List (and to see Annette Bening, whose acting style screams "I deserve an OSCAR!" win over Uma Thurman's incredible unpretentious performance in "Kill Bill, Vol. 2").

I think my fascination with awards shows is that I do not have "trends" that I am able to follow, whether in fashion, cars, sports or the stock market. But I do have the world of theatre, music and film. I find out who the hot new voices are, and what the cool old voices are still saying. Thursdays and Fridays my days to check the theater sections of OC Weekly, LA Weekly and New York Times.

Well, Jeremy - you are saying to yourself right now, I'm sure - you seem rather obsessive about meaningless awards shows. You wouldn't happen to have one yourself, would you? And if you did, you wouldn't be able to share with me what your picks would be, would you?

Well - I reply to you - yes, and yes...


BEST PICTURE: "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
BEST DIRECTOR: Michel Gondry - "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
BEST ACTOR: Paul Giamatti - "Sideways"
BEST ACTRESS: Uma Thurman - "Kill Bill, Vol. 2"
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Alfred Molina - "Coffee & Cigarettes", "Spiderman 2"
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Virginia Madsen - "Sideways"
BEST BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE: Bryce Dallas Howard - "The Village"
BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
BEST ANIMATED FILM: "The Incredibles"
BEST FOREIGN FILM: "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring"
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: "The Saddest Music in the World"
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: "The Saddest Music in the World"
BEST COSTUME DESIGN: "The Saddest Music in the World"
BEST ART DIRECTION: "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"
BEST SOUND: "The Incredibles"
BEST MAKEUP: "Hellboy"
BEST SOUNDTRACK: "Kill Bill, Vol. 2"
WORST ENDING: "Open Water"

Yeah, I'm an obsessive hypocrite. Bet you didn't know that about me before reading this, did you?

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