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Monday, December 06, 2004
First off, my heart goes out to those those injured and the families of those killed in the invasion of the U.S. Consulate in Saudi Arabia. It is the ultimate symbol of the unrest that al-Qaeda feels about the relationship that the corrupt government of the United States holds with the corrupt government of Saudi Arabia. The sad thing is most people in this country won't see it as such, because they don't know any better.

My heart also goes out to the protestors in Kiev, Ukraine, who were unrelenting in their unwillingness to stand up for a rigged election supporting a corrupt president. Unfortunately, it resulted in less than satisfactory results, and I can only hope that their revote wields is treated with more fairness and civility than their last election.

Okay, now it's time for a massive subject jump. *SCREECH* *DOWNSHIFT* *VROOOOOM!!!*

When it comes to acting in a show, I love everything about it except for one thing: the waiting period between auditioning and finding out if you are cast or not. I mentioned in the last post that I was trying out for "This Is Our Youth", the exceedingly well-written play by Kenneth Lonergan. Well, there is a decent chance that I will get the lead role. There's also a decent chance that I will not. It depends on a couple of factors that are too complex to put here.

So I will find out about the results sometime between right now and tomorrow afternoon. The cell phone is in my pocket, and I am waiting anxiously for it to ring. I can hardly function during these periods. I expect every phone call to be the director and I'm on edge when it isn't. It's always at these points where I don't even care if I get in the show or not, I just want to know. I can't stand that the director has a secret that affects me.

There was one more thing that I wanted to talk about, but it escapes me now. Typical Monday morning, I guess. Well, then, that's all I got. Sorry.

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