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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Well, it's official. You won. Senator John Kerry just called "President" George W. Bush to concede, despite the provisional and absentee ballots in Ohio that have yet to be counted.

To all of you who voted for George W. Bush, I'd like to point out what you voted for:

* Four more years of deficit. We went from a huge surplus to a record deficit in only four years. Who knows how far we're going to fall in the next four?

* Four more years of job loss. Jobs at the corporation I work for are already being outsourced to other countries. I'll be surprised if I still have my job at the end of Bush's second term.

* Four more years of war. We had two wars in the last four years. Only one was justified, and neither were handled correctly. And now every nation in the world (and half of our own nation) hates us, and what we stand for.

* Four more years of terrorism. As long as Bush distracts us with Iraq, and continues to ignore North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Iran, our country will continue to be unsafe.

* Four more years of rights being taken away. With Patriot Act 2 and the threat of a Constitutional Amendment against gay marriage, the creed that "all men are created equal" will be flushed down the toilet.

* The privitization of Social Security, as Bush invests our Social Security in the stock market.

* A reinstatement of the draft. House Bill HR 163 and Senate Bill S89 are going through legislation, and while Bush said that he would not reinstate the draft, he has never had a problem lying in the past.

So, congratulations. You have fucked your country over. I have normally been very tolerant of Bush supporters. I've been trying to get them to see the light and realize that Bush is a dishonest, lying, stealing, childish, hypocritical bigot.

I tried pointing out that Bush flip-flopped on statements made about Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, and the wars on terrorism and Iraq. I pointed out his mishandling of both Afghanistan and Iraq. I pointed out his lies on WMD's and Saddam's link with Al-Qaeda. I pointed out the memo that proves that the White House should have known about 9/11. I pointed out the record deficit and the largest number of jobs lost since Hoover. I pointed out that he neglects facts and information in favor of his instincts and faith. But nothing can sway these supporters.

So now the gloves are off, and I'll say it: ANYONE WHO VOTED FOR BUSH IS EITHER STUPID OR UNPATRIOTIC! You didn't take the time to research the facts, or you didn't care. And now we're going to have an even worse economy, an even worse job market and even worse security.

Congratulations, you fucking morons! With your ill-researched and entirely foolish vote, you have directly threatened my job and my life. Our nation is in distress, and we had a chance to change it. But you made the wrong choice, and YOU are to blame. When my job is outsourced to India, I am going to blame YOU! When my draft notice comes in the mail, I am going to blame YOU! You are fucking assholes, and if you think I am going to forget what you have done to me, you are wrong.

Tonight, I am buying an American flag, and it is going to fly upside down. Because our nation is in a state of distress. And YOU are to blame!

So fuck you, Bush voters! You have pissed on me and my nation, and I will never forgive you for it.

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