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Monday, November 22, 2004
In the last 48 hours, happiness came to me in several forms. Those forms were:

* Spending 24 hours in a theater I love, with people I adore, pumping out shows that were written in a tired, almost delusional state.

* Doritos, Gatorade and "The Straight Story" soundtrack at 1:30 in the morning.

* Fatima shouting "Slurpee!!!"

* Finding an incredible acting partner in Darcy Hogan, whose acting and writing style reflects mine in many ways. If we had a Katharine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy-type thing where we acted together in numerous projects in the future, that would make me very happy.

* "Big" Mike Burgess walking into a room with the idea for his play: "A couple is renewing their vows in a temple in Greece, and they're interrupted by a assassin who just killed Nicolas Cage!"

* Brandon Kasper's noble try.

* Spending two full days with my girlfriend, whom I adore.

* Watching my sister rock the hizzy as Catherine Earnshaw in "Wuthering Heights" at Insurgo Theater Movement. It's playing through December 19th, it's a concise, well-acted adaptation of the Bronte novel, and it's the first good show I've seen in a while. I highly recommend it.

* "Troll 2". Perhaps the worst movie ever made. One of the greatest lines ever in the history of cinema comes after a little boy asks the ghost of his grandfather if he is from Hell: "No, but I know a trick that a friend of mine who went there taught me!" The father garbles his lines, the mother looks at the camera, the daughter has to constantly keep from laughing, the son looks like he needs to poop, the horny guys are closeted homosexuals, the leader of the trolls wears too much blush, and if that isn't enough, I have three words: popcorn seduction scene.

* Seeing "Sideways", which is one of those movies that is hard to find a fault with. If you want a character study that is both very funny and very sad without once becoming manipulative, then this movie will be a godsend for you. And Paul Giamatti just gets better with every role he does.

So, yeah. Life is good for me right now.

Oh, and this post is dedicated to Eric (is it Eric or Erik...or possibly even Erich?), one of my very few faithful readers. It was nice meeting you and talking to you after the show.

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