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Friday, November 12, 2004
"I got the perfect set of golf clubs, a tent, and I even got diamond earrings for the wife!"

How come we're still hearing shit like that? That was a direct quote from a radio commercial I heard for a store. It shows that, even in these politically correct times, sexism is still in the mainstream.

Sure, sure, there are guys out there, I'm sure, who buy golf clubs and tents, and then proceed to get diamond earrings for their wives, who would be very happy to receive such a gift. However, to hear this yuppie tell me that he got diamond earrings for "the" wife - as if to say, "This is my trophy, and this is how I keep it happy" - made me ill (well, technically, it was the coffee in my stomach that made me ill, but the yuppie didn't help).

I had a similar experience when I lived in Barstow (don't ask), and I received a call telling me the benefits of subscribing to the Desert Dispatch newspaper. The person said, "On a daily basis, your family can get the news, classifieds, comics, and for you, the sports section." What? Just because I have a penis means I want instantly want to read the sports section? I'll let you in on a secret. I don't want to read the sports section (although, oddly enough, I actually worked for the Desert Dispatch sports section for a time). And I can't help but think that if I were a woman, the same person would have said, "And for you, coupons!"

Not all men like sports. Not all women like jewelry. So next time you're going to be in a position like our friend selling me newspapers or the advertiser writing about the various products of a store, be more creative. Try something less stereotypical and more random like, "And for you, the lost pets section" or "I was able to buy lingerie for my accountant and a sniper rifle for my gay lover."

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