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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
For my few but faithful readers who were wondering, I am alive. I have simply been moving. It amazes me just how many things I own, even without being very materialistic or wealthy. While I was packing, little objects would pop up all over the place. I always felt that the one-bedroom apartment was too big for me, but I never really knew the extent of its space until I took everything out. Suddenly, I realized that I could have invested in some other items, such as a Slip-and-Slide, or a shuffleboard court.

But now, I am in a tiny room (really, a perfect place for me) in a spacious house (again, perfect). Everything is less, both on the fiscal side and the anxiety side. And one of my roommates has promised to make my computer worlds better than it is now (which will be some kind of small miracle if he can actually do it. I bought my computer as a high school graduation gift to myself).

Okay, before I proceed, I have to say that I am listening to Rufus Wainwright's song "Memphis Skyline" on his album "Want Two" (which I haven't been able to put down for two weeks now. It's really an amazing piece of work), and this is the first time I really listened to it, giving attention to every instrument, every note. I'm almost in tears. It's almost unbelievably beautiful.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. It is amazing to me how my outlook on life can shift suddenly. I went from the misery of moving (I love the IDEA of moving, but I despise the PROCESS a great deal) and being constantly tired to being well-rested and moved.

Consequently, all of these revelations came to me this morning after having recovered from post-moving and cold weather chest pains and congestion. I'm going to have money again! I have a wonderful girl who I adore! I'm living with incredible people! "This Is Our Youth" auditions are on Saturday! I'm going to have a short play of mine performed in the Last Chance Fest at Hunger Artists on December 17th and 18th (shameless plug)! There could be a good job prospect opening up for me soon (for you reading this who may have some personal interest in this bit of news, know that I'll be hankering for some freelance work soon)! I have a new nickname (Spence)! Rufus Wainwright rocks! Life is pretty diggity dang good!

So yeah. I'm back. Probably not better than ever (for really, what's better than an angry, cynical guy with a sense of humor?), but better than not at all.

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