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Friday, October 29, 2004
I think that Halloween takes my spot for the holiday I enjoy the most. I always used to say Independence Day because of the fireworks/watermelon/"Rocky" on TBS combination. But fireworks are taboo in our apartment complex, and I don't have cable, so now that day only holds significance to me for its historical value (which as we all know, means absolutely dick when it comes to how we celebrate holidays).

However, Halloween is a blast. I try to avoid being home, so as not to have to pass out candy (I'm sorry, but I bought the candy, it should belong to me. I'll admit I'm no Mother Theresa when it comes to candy sharing). My main joy in Halloween is wearing the costume. Today, we are celebrating Halloween at my work, and people are dressed up. Because our department theme is pirates, I am currently dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean", complete with effeminate swagger and drunken voice. Last year, parading as Charlie Chaplin, I had black-and-white makeup on and took of vow of silence the entire day.

This is why I love Halloween. Everyone gets to be an actor for a day. And those of us who are already actors get to keep the act up for a day-long performance. Because let's face it. Everyone wants to be an actor. I see it in the eyes of the coworkers who go to see shows I'm in. Afterward, they usually say things like, "That's amazing you memorized all those lines," and "How do you get up there every night and do that?" They would like to have that escape of becoming someone else for two hours, but lack the courage to do so in an environment where people are watching them.

So Halloween is perfect for those people. Everyone is dressing in something ridiculous, so they are not alone. And unlike a theatrical performance, they are not being scrutinized by a paying audience.

And then people like me get to swagger drunkenly around for eight hours (which, only four hours in, is getting tiring on the ol' legs).


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