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Friday, September 03, 2004
How do you put a gun to the head of someone you barely know - someone who has done nothing to you and who would never wish you ill will otherwise - and pull the trigger? How do you justify that?

This morning, I heard about the final chapter on the Chechan rebels who held up a Russian elementary school filled with women and children. The death roll rose at an insane rate over the course of the morning. First it was five children killed (which inspired in me the response of "Well, thank god it was only five," followed by "You heartless fuck, that was FIVE CHILDREN!"). Then seven. Then dozens of people were killed when the roof of the school collapsed. Then a room was found with over 100 bodies. Now the count stands at a tentative 150.

The rebels did this for...well, no one really knows. There is speculation about the freedom of the Chechyan region. There is more speculation about the liberation of Chechyan prisoners from Russian captivity. No one really knows, and therefore, no change can come about from this demonstration. This was yet another of too many pointless, violent exercises that we've had in recent years.

I think of two dozen dead in a Colorado high school. Countless dead in a foreign country for the benefit of an oil and gas reserves company. And thousands more in two buildings in New York.

What did these accomplish? Really, what good came from these? What good came from any sort of hate? What does that accomplish?

Hate is useless. It accomplishes nothing except an increase of misery, something that we all have plenty of to begin with. It is a pretentious display, existing only so that he who hates can openly express it. No one privately hates, and everyone who hates displays it in hurtful ways. These ways are as small as making a cruel joke at someone's expense, and as large as killing masses of innocent people to make a statement.

Violence begets violence. Anyone with a brain can see that. It accomplishes nothing except an increase in violent activities. 9/11 led to the attacks against Afghanistan and Iraq, which led to, guess what, more terrorists. The Chechan rebels only led to Russian soldiers storming the school, killing them, which led to the rebels killing more innocents.

When are we ever going to learn from the ways of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. (men that, ironically, were killed despite their peaceful ways)? When will Satyagraha be taught to our children? When will conflicts be solved by patience and sympathy, rather than rash judgments and ammunition? When do we get to stop living in fear? When do we get to be rid of religion, and firearms, and the tone people use when they say "minorities", and everything else that is a catalyst for hate?

I am proud to not own a gun. I hope to never own a gun, just as I hope to never hold political office, or be involved in any sort of violent activity. It's not in my nature. I forsake hate, as should everyone else.

I have love for every one of you. I truly do. You are all beautiful, incredible beings, and I wish nothing but the best for you. I have love for the citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Chechnya, the United States, and elsewhere. I have love for athiests and fundamentalists. I have love for Republicans and Democrats. I even have love for the Bush Administration, the Taliban, and Chechan rebels, although I do not agree with much of what they do. But I do not wish them to be overthrown or destroyed. I simply wish that they will see that their hateful ways will not accomplish any good, and that they will change their views.

I understand that this kind of hope can be perceived as naive and delusional. But it's all that is keeping me from having any sort of hope for the future. Please join me.


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