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Sunday, August 08, 2004
Ten days in between me posting on this site??? What have I been doing all this time? How were people able to get their ramblings for the past ten days? Well, never fear, for I am back!!! *CRICKETS CHIRPING* Hello?

Anyway, these are some things that in the past week, I thought to myself, "I should put this on my next Blogger post" (I no longer live my life just to live it. I live it so that I can put it on my Blog):

* The main reason I've been gone so long is because I've been working on memorizing the one-man show (which I got, by the way). Now that I finally accomplished it, I can relax. Now the next step is polishing and perfecting it so that I can (hopefully) wow the crowd. I'm not a fan of talking about the show to other people, even though they want to know about it, and congratulate me. When I was younger, it took very little for me to start getting a big head (in the fourth grade, I used to make signs saying "Jeremy Gable: Natural Born Actor!" Yes, for real), and there's nothing like having a You Play (all you, all the time) to get the ego coming back. So perhaps some of you could talk me down. A couple of comments like "Dude, get over yourself!" and "This show will suck because you blow the big'un!" help.

* Last week I went to Medieval Times to support one of the members of the "Assassins" cast, who works as a princess there. In case you don't know of it (or haven't seen "The Cable Guy"), Medieval Times is a dinner-and-a-show place where you get to eat "baby dragons" (cornish hens) and "dragon fingers" (barbecued ribs) with your hands while watching a Medieval-style tournament. I went with a large group of people from "Assassins", expecting to see a show that would be both entertaining and kind of cheesy. Well, when the show started out, I felt the wonderful cocky confidence of being right. Knights came out and rode around in horses, a wizard predicted doom in typical Donald Rumsfeld fashion ("Whether this terrible force is in the form of a human, and whether it's from the past or the future, I cannot tell." I was half-expecting him to raise the Medieval Terror Alert to orange). But then, the knights started fighting. I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, I turned into a ten year-old boy. There was no irony, no cynicism. I was cheering loud and proud and really getting swept up in the chivalry. Swords clashing, sparks flying, lances exploding, beautifully choreographed fights being played out on horseback in front of me. It was a wonderful experience that I didn't expect to have. Now I can't wait until Pirate Dinner Adventure opens next door to it next summer.

* Yesterday, I visited the Santa Ana Zoo with the director of the one-man show to do research on caged animals, since I'll be one for the show ("You're gonna suck in this one, Jeremy!"). Zoos have always given me this simultaneous feeling of wonder and depression ("Wow, it's a howler monkey!......Who's spending his life in a small cage in Santa Ana"). But not only is it a great place to observe animal behavior (emu poop is liquid and foamy), but it's also a great place to observe human behavior. As a joke, we walked by the playground and observed the kids "in their natural habitat". But there was one example of a kid who was leaving the zoo with his mother. He didn't want to, and was crying up a storm. The mother put him down so that he could get in the required screaming and running around (both of which were plentiful). Then she picked him up and with a calm wave "goodbye" to the zoo, he went to the car in a very reserved manner.

* Why do girls let guys do shitty things to them just because they're attractive? And vice-versa, for that manner? Looks fade, and generosity is in a defecit.

Anyway, that's my time. I'll try not to stay away so long again.

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