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Monday, August 23, 2004
So, I know I've been talking about "Gog/Magog" way too much (how many times can one man say "one-man show"?), but I had a dream about the opening night, which will be Thursday (for those who haven't read prior posts and bulletins).

I don't usually have dreams about things that I worry about. Instead, it's usually boring things like me going to see a movie that I didn't really want to see in real life ("Why am I watching 'Alien Vs. Predator'?"). Several scenarios were played out. They were all, oddly enough, in the round (an audience all around you, rather than just in front of you).

In one of the scenarios, I was performing it in a small theatre where the walls were painted with a really beautiful, serene, star-filled sky. This one was my favorite, and made the line about "Insanely beautiful stars in the sky, flashing lights in the distance" that much more poignant to me.

Another time, the cage was IN the audience, and a couple of minutes into the performance, someone on a piano started playing "Happy Birthday" for someone in the audience, and everyone turned their attention away from the show. Again, a connection, since I sing Happy Birthday to myself at one point.

A third time had some of the audience sitting in the cage with me (an allusion to the line "Perhaps you should be doing this", perhaps?), which made many of the themes and motivations in the play completely worthless.

A fourth time had me playing in front of a full house. Instead of starting the play off the normal way, I began first with a newly-written scene in which I wrattle off a random list of swear words (interestingly enough, I came up with "fuckface" in the dream, and so it will be included in the real-life version). Upon finishing the scene, and going to the actual beginning of the show, I found that half of the audience had walked out.

A fifth time (and final as far as my memory serves) had me talking to my sister before the show, and from what we said, I'm led to believe that I wasn't performing Jason Lindner's "The Gog/Magog Project", but instead Eugene O'Neill's "The Iceman Cometh".....

SIS: You'll be the best damn Hickey ever!
ME: Well, yeah, I better be. It's four freakin' acts long.

Does anyone feel that I'm thinking about this show too much?

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