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Friday, August 20, 2004
Every so often, being a 22 year-old male, I get this urge that makes me restless and somewhat cranky. The dominant theme in this urge is the following:


I am quite good at controlling my hormones, but occasionally, like one of those street lights that has burnt too bright for too long, the tension gets released and asks (nay, BEGS) for a sexual partner. Right now I'm listening to the soothing, sexy voice of Bjork to pacify those feelings (in one of the tracks of "Vespertine", it sounds like she's whispering right into your ear. It's a neat effect that gives me shivers every time). That will have to do since I can't really do anything to help that here at work...or outside of work...or in any aspect of my life. Excuse me, while I have a soft cry.

--------- TIME LAPSE ---------

*SNIFF, SNIFF* Much better. Anyway, where was I? Okay, while this may not sound like good news, it really is. Last night, I participated in the Orange County's Funniest Person Contest. I did not qualify for semi-finals, but I did make the audience laugh a lot (and one of the judges, who apparently hosts an XM radio show, wants me to be to be in a comedy night that she'll host sometime down the road). Which is exactly what I wanted to happen. I didn't really want to do the contest, but I did it, I pulled it off, and now it's done. I don't have to worry about it anymore. Now I can focus on "Gog/Magog" and...oh, yeah...you guys don't know this part yet.....

I just found out yesterday that my full-length one-act "American Way" is going to receive a three-week production at the Blank Theatre in L.A. If everyone we want can commit, then it will be an awesome show. I'm really excited about it. And...yeah. That's all I have to say.

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