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Thursday, August 12, 2004
Coldplay. A little over-played and over-praised? Certainly. Credited for their "wholly original" style of music, which is actually just what several English bands - like Radiohead and Travis - are doing? Definitely. Still a good band, whose two albums I enjoy a great deal? Oh, you know it.

So, last night, I had a rehearsal for "Gog/Magog Project". I'm telling you, if you're in the O.C./L.A. area, and feel that modern theatre is in a very sorry state, then this is a show to see, as it not only addresses that problem, but attempts to correct it by being one of the few one-man shows that isn't self-indulgent.

Anyway, last night was simultaneously rewarding and scary, because my incredible director, Kelly Flynn, pushed me farther than any other director has ever pushed me for any role. I'm used to playing character roles in musicals or comedies (or musical comedies), and the work with the director usually comes down to "Yeah, you just keep doing what you're doing." I've become quite used to getting very few notes in a show, not necessarily because I'm doing everything right, but because I'm not doing anything wrong (if that makes any sense).

But now, Kelly - working his hands like an old-school magician with a deck of cards - was pulling things from me that I didn't know I could do. It was kind of scary to feel sincere emotions pouring out of me, since I usually am more about technique than sincerity when I'm on stage (I was thinking of how far I've come from a year ago, when I played Jack in "Into the Woods" in a performance that I felt was pretty standard and wooden).

Now comes the difficult part: Keeping that up for another month. I have 13 performances (counting the "preview", which I've ranted about before) that have to be just as genuine and intense as last night was, if not more so. We'll have to see if I'm up to the challenge. If I can, this will be perhaps the most rewarding show I've ever done in my 13 years of theatre.

And finally, as I conclude this entry and get ready to post it, I think about last night, when a friend of mine resisted my attempt to get her to join MySpace.com, stating that most people with online journals have "nothing better to do". Okay, that's probably true (I mean, I'm doing this during my break at work. What else am I going to do, admire the fluorescent lighting grid?), but I'd like to think it's her loss. Yeah, HER loss, dammit!

Now excuse me, while I take out Coldplay's first album out of my CD player and replace it with their second album.

Hey there.. I finally made an update =) I'm really lookin forward to seeing your show! I'm auditioning for a few things when I get home.. and I'm so glad to get back to some singing! Have a good day! ~Sam
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