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Monday, July 26, 2004
These are things that have occurred within the past 72 hours which make me happy:

* A call from a friend who I haven't talked to in months who has one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard. I'm such a fan of people's voices.

* An evening spent with a friend who I haven't seen in months, and whose company I enjoy immensely (despite - or perhaps because of - her love of flirting with people).

* Having my voice back for the show, making the previous weekend's horrible performances nothing more than a memory.

* People I know and haven't seen for a while coming to see the show (especially those who have never heard me sing before).

* Michael Parillo's unexpected falsetto when he said, "I'll shoot my wife, I'll shoot my kids, I WON'T SHOOT ANYONE!!!"

* Kelly Flynn's shamelessly blustering President Garfield impression.

* My beautiful ex-wife dressed as a hippy putting her head on my shoulder in a tired state (even if she does want a divorce and insists on keeping my class ring).

* An incredible response from a normally enraptured-but-uncomfortable audience for Sunday night's performance (including one guy with a humongous grin on his face the entire time who gave us a standing ovation).

* "The Bourne Supremacy", which was quite good, and kicked "Catwoman"'s ass in box office receipts (just like I predicted).

* Two friends of mine who have never met getting acquainted and talking without me there to formallly introduce them (especially while one of them has a line of people wanting to get her autograph, which took some guts from my other friend to cut in front of them).

* The CD of Sesame Street songs that I'm listening to right now.

* Hanging out for a few hours at a beautiful city park, feeding ducks in a pond with pieces of my Burger King Whopper bun. It's amazing how normally suspicious and nervous animals will walk right up to you like we're at a business meeting if you feed them hamburger bun. Apparently no one has told the ducks about Atkins.

* Talking to a random 13 year-old girl (whose name I never did get) about random topics for over an hour while sitting on a park bench.

* A beautiful woman smiling warmly at me as I hand her half of a breakfast burrito.

And perhaps most of all...

* At the theatre where I'm performing "Assassins", I was offered the one and only role in the one-man show that's next in their season (not asked to audition, just given the role). After reading the script, I gladly accepted. This is going to be such a challenge for me. It's about a 90-minute show that will be just me talking (that's 90 minutes that I'll have to memorize. Linda Emond in "Homebody/Kabul"'s got nothing on me). I'll be playing a crazed prisoner with multiple personalities. It's going to be a side of me that nobody, including me, has ever seen. The part that really got me going, "Oh, man, I'm going to do THAT???" is when I and my alter ego (also played by me) sing songs filled with racial slurs and tell jokes that make fun of handicapped people.

Go you!! I can't wait to see that show! Seriously keep me updated about when it is! I'm a pretty big friend of yours!=)
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