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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
There is a constant search for the catalyst that will create world peace. People around the world are trying to find some unifying thing that will start us down the road toward a peaceful existence. I believe I have found it. And I believe it to be the ride Soarin' Over California at Disney's California Adventure.

Granted, the park itself is not much to write home about (it's strong point is an abundance of atmosphere. It's weak point is a deficit of decent attractions). However, Soarin Over California is a very enjoyable and accessible bit of beauty and serenity. I have yet to find an unhappy person leaving it. There's just something about flying over the most beautiful parts of California (and also L.A. and Disneyland) that just puts you in a good place. It's better than my previous plan to have "Gilmore Girls"'s Alexis Bledel travel the world being really adorable and winning hearts and minds.

And on the other side of that, if we wanted to find new ways to torture prisoners (you know, once Abu Ghraib gets boring), then we can put them on Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror. That should scare the crap out of them. It does to me.

Since this post is pretty short, it's time for some filler. So here are the seven shows that I would most want to see if I had the time and money to spend a week in New York:

1). "Bug" by Tracy Letts - I know next to nothing about this play, except that it's a big off-Broadway hit, it's supposed to be really good, and it's written by a guy who never went to college and took any training in writing plays. Just like me.

2). "Avenue Q" - The musical-comedy is back, and this one so far seems to be the strongest of the bunch. I love the soundtrack, and the idea of humans and puppets living a poverty-stricken life in New York (like a more adult version of "Sesame Street") strikes me as very funny.

3). "Caroline, or Change" - I recently listened to the soundtrack of this, and was very impressed. This musical (from "Angels in America"'s Tony Kushner) isn't gimmicky, pretentious or sugary. And it has a really cool sound to it.

4). "The Frogs" - Okay, so I'm a musical guy. Can you blame me? And when you get Stephen Sondheim, Susan Stroman, and Nathan Lane in the same show, I want to see it. Simple as that.

5). "Frozen" by Bryony Lavery - Going by scripts alone, this is the one that should have won the Tony for Best New Play. Lavery's powerful script about child molestation blew me away when I read it. But instead it lost the Tony to...

6). "I Am My Own Wife" by Doug Wright - I can't wait to see this production when it comes to L.A., mainly just so that I can see Jefferson May's performance. This guy plays over 40 different characters in one show. How kick-ass is that?

7). "After the Fall" by Arthur Miller - You really can't go wrong. You've got a play by one of 20th century theatre's great playwrights, a great actor (Peter Krauser of "Six Feet Under" and "Sports Night"), and Michael Mayer who I hear directs a good Broadway show, even though he's hard to get a hold of (I know this from experience).

In other news, my throat is almost done being sore. I'm feeling very phlegmy today, which I haven't lately. So maybe by tomorrow, I'll be back to normal. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hey. Glad the throats gettin better. I love soarin over cali! So cool! I can get in D-land free.. so if ya ever wanna go... now ya have connections =) Anyways, I'm with ya on seein those shows! My buddy Brian got into the summer NYU program and he's literally seeing every one of those! I'm just a little bitter. I'm actually leavin for NY in 2 days to see wicked, phantom of the opera, and avenue q. so i'm excited. So yah. Hope ur feelin better.
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