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Monday, July 12, 2004
So...I'm married now. Not officially, but I am. Here's the dilly:

Saturday night, we're celebrating another wonderful performance of "Assassins" by having a party at the house of fellow cast member Courtney. She and I and a few other people were drinking (like you do at a party), we were in her jacuzzi (like you do when you're drinking) and we were naked (like you do in a jacuzzi). Courtney was talking about how displeased she was with her looks (which is crazy, because she's really beautiful) and with guys that have cheated on her in the past (which is crazy, because she's a really cool person). I told her these things, and she asked if I would marry her. I said I would, and then one of the other jacuzzi dwellers mentioned that she is an ordained minister, and so she married us, right then and there (she also subsequently married herself to one of the other cast members). Nothing has been signed, so right now it's a double naked spa marriage of words.

But I'm a married man now. I find it funny, because I have trouble finding a girlfriend, but no trouble at all finding a beautiful wife.

The next day, a lot of people at the show were surprised to hear that I did all of that. I guess I give off this impression of being a conservative guy (and I guess that for the most part, I am). However, there's this crazy, wacky cannonball of a guy just waiting to get out. The problem is that often no one seems to be interested in seeing that guy. But when I was asked to go naked in the jacuzzi, I didn't give it a second thought. What does that make me? Spontaneous? Shameless? Nude?

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Spontaneous and nude can be a really good thing sometimes =) Sounds like ya had a good time last night.
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