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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
I hate talking on the phone. It's without a doubt the most intrusive of all of the forms of communication. Talking in person, you know that the other party has your attention. If they're not paying attention or they're busy doing something else, you are fully aware at all times. And with e-mail, they can get back to you at their own convenience (there's also that extra perk of being able to go back over your words and making sure you don't accidentally blurt out anything damning like "Have you gained weight?" or "Can I have buttsex with you?"

But with the phone, there's all this mystery shrouded around every conversation. Did I just interrupt a family fight? Were they eating, or looking at porn (or possibly both)? Do they want to talk to me or are they making faces at the thought of me? I've tried to be more social over the years, but it still takes a lot of work for me to call someone on the phone, and even then, I always hope it goes to the answering machine. Does this make me weird? Anyone else like this.

In other news, I found out today that some of the work our department does at my job will be outsourced to India. It's interesting because we're a successful company with a patriotic name, and yet we're taking jobs away from the American economy and sending them to countries with lower standards of pay. It's just amazing how obviously hypocritical we can be sometimes. We tried this last year with Mexi-Cali, and our department's work was found to be too difficult. So I have my fingers crossed for a repeat.

ehh.. yah.. the phone is over-rated.
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