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Thursday, July 08, 2004
Abandon wit all ye who enter here! My fatigue prevents me from being funny. Sorry.

"Assassins", the show that I'm currently in (running July 8th through August 15th at the Hunger Artists Theatre in Fullerton, CA...shameless plug) opens tonight with a preview performance (more on that later). So I'm massively tired, as I am rehearsing until late in the evening, and then showing up at work early (and earlier than usual, since - coincidence of coincidences - they need overtime this week!). I've now learned to depend on the kindness of naps.

But the thing is, I'm still really happy. Getting the show together has been a relatively pain-free process, which is surprising to me. It's a beautiful looking show - great sets, costumes, lights, sound, cast, etc. - and the music and writing is incredible. I've just been involved with so many shows where there was a multitude of problems, and even when they got smoothed over, it was still just a mediocre show. So to be part of a show where everyone acts like professionals and gets the job done quickly and without any hassle takes me back to the days of Coeur d'Alene Summer Theatre up in Idaho (one of the best summer stock companies in the Northwest). The only difference is that we're not getting paid. This is the first show in a while where I felt comfortable with how it was going at all times. I feel like we could open tonight. Oh, wait. We do.

That leads me to the bone that I have to pick (just when you thought this would be totally positive journal entry. You don't know me well). Tonight is the first time that we perform in front of an audience, but tomorrow is our official Opening Night. But Jeremy, you ask me (preferably while checking me out if you're an attractive woman), how could that be? Well, I say (posing seductively for you whilst you check me out), that's because tonight is our "preview performance". Now this is something that Broadway theatres do all the time. They'll have a month of previews so that they can perform in front of a crowd and see what works and what doesn't. That way they can have the best possible show before they perform in front of the press.

However, the community theatres around here like to have one preview performance. Why? I have no clue. Nothing changes from the preview to the "opening" performance. We're still performing in front of a paying crowd. We never had preview performances in Idaho. We would just invite friends to see the final dress rehearsal for free. We didn't even call it a preview, we called it a final dress. It just seems like a very pointless thing. Can any theatre owners answer that one for me?

Hey Jeremy. I actually just got back from seeing you in "Assassins". What an amazing production! That was one of the best shows I've seen in a looong time. You're voice is beautiful! I'm hopin to get some more people together and go see it again. Stop by my blog sometime. =)Congrats on a good show. ~Sammy
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