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Monday, June 14, 2004
Yelena Moskovich. Remember that name. Saturday I went to see the second week of the Young Playwrights Festival, and her one-man play "The Sandwich Conscience" was easily the highlight. I have been in love with this script since I first read it a few months ago, but I was afraid they wouldn't be able to get a director and actor who could truly do it justice. Fortunately, they did, and the show was really captivating. I really can't wait to see what her future contributions to the world of theatre.

Another name to look for on the musical front is Max Freedman, who had the musical "Anyone But Me". Max is of the "Producers" school of songwriting, as his songs have an Old Broadway style sound to it with modern themes (the co-opting of black culture, a preoccupation with sex). The songs are really, really funny. He needs to work on making his scripts as original and clever as his songs, but he's only 15, so I think he can get there.

Also, you (and by you I mean the thousands of people who aren't reading this. I still haven't figured out if anybody actually checks these things out or if I'm just showing a David Blaine-caliber self-indulgence) should go to this site and check out the work of Danielle Benson, whose art show I attended after the Festival. Her art hasn't been posted on the site yet, but it will be soon. It's really good work.

Thought for the day: If you're a President, and you recently pass away (I'm not saying a specific President, just any old President who happened to serve two terms between 1980 and 1988), how come your corpse gets a better vacation and sees more sights than most living people get?

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