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Thursday, June 10, 2004

* My hand is trembling, and I don't know why. I noticed it when I tried taking a drink of water, and it proved more difficult than usual (I'm reminded, as I usually am, of a movie, this one being "Airplane", where Robert Hays has a "drinking problem" in which he accidentally pours water on himself). Why is my hand shaking? I haven't had caffeine today.

* Tonight, at my "Assassins" rehearsal, we're going over my big song for the first time. I'm a little worried, because I'm still having trouble hitting the high notes, and I don't want to sound like crap. So I'm a little nervous. Perhaps that's why my hand is shaking.

* My current favorite lyric (sorry Bliss, you've already heard this) is from Franz Ferdinand, and it goes as follows: "Sometimes these eyes/Forget the face they're peering from/When the face they peer upon/Well, you know/That face as I do/And how in the return of the gaze/She can return you the face/That you are staring from". So true.

* I want to direct a short film of Joyce Carol Oates' short story "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" I read it in my Dumb Kids English class senior year, and it stuck with me as being a very filmmable story. Now all I need is a cottage out in the middle of nowhere, a camera with some film, two great actors and a golden jalopy.

* "Last Comic Standing" premiered recently, and I wasn't on the L.A. Rejects footage, which makes me happy. Now I can put that sad, sorry time I tried to be a stand-up comedian to rest. This is a warning to those who want to get into stand-up: Make sure you don't start turning into that person who can't tell a normal story to your friends. When everything you say in real life starts sounding like a routine, get out.

* I had an english muffin, dried cranberries, and a chicken quesadilla, and although I'm full, I still want to eat more. No wonder heart disease runs in the family.

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