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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
So today, I am - in a word - nervous. We have a meeting at work today at noon. Now, we have meetings up the yin-yang here (we actually have a yin-yang specially made for work meetings). However, this one has three things that make me pause:

1). It's only listed as a mandatory meeting for the whole department.
2). It's going to be presided over by one of the big bosses here, who normally doesn't preside over our department's meetings.
3). It's only fifteen minutes long, not long enough for anything worth discussing, but long enough for an announcement.

Now I'm not a conspiracy theorist, or one of those office people that keeps count of who was laid off and when, but you can't give me that information and get me thinking "The department's being sacked! Or moved to another office! Or deported to another country! Or executed on national television!" I'm hoping that it's something simple.

I've known about this meeting since Friday, but I've tried not to think about it. Now, I have to face it in the...um...face. I've been thinking about different departments, different companies, different schools, different opportunities. Different everything.

And so...I'm nervous. In four hours, I could have a completely different future. Exciting, no? Believe you me when I tell you that I'll keep you updated.

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