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Thursday, June 17, 2004
So now, I'm a celibate. I am officially taking a vow of celibacy. In a Cliff Notes version, it's my plan to get rid of a lot of unwanted stress and low self-esteem. *The proceeding "pathetic jerk guy" statement is brought to you by Mattel:* If I'm not getting any as it is, I might as well have a decent reason.

Last night, I was visiting a friend of mine, and I was meeting her at her boyfriend's beach house in Newport Beach. Let me repeat that for you...Beach house in Newport Beach! His living room window looks out onto the Pacific Ocean. I live in a one-bedroom in Anaheim that looks out onto the back of a liquor store (no doubt a fine liquor store that sells several quality drinks at reasonable prices, but a liquor store nevertheless). My friend and her guy were late, so I stood on the beach and had what I call a "what-am-I-doing-with-my-life" moment. I found it amazing that I could get the post-college anxieties without having to go to college. Is this something that happens by instinct at 22, like puberty in your early teens? Everyone I know from my high school is getting married and having children. I'm just wandering around my life alone trying to get my "good-for-his-age" plays performed.

But, as I always say to help me feel better, life could be much worse. Every day I see title reports about people who owe the IRS $20,000, have three judgments against them that haven't been paid off, and they've filed for bankruptcy three times in four years. I could definitely be worse off.

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