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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
Please stop obsessing over your ex-boyfriends. Either stop being hung up on them, or get back together with them. But for the sake of other guys around you, please just make up your mind whether you're done with them or not. Having been an ex-boyfriend myself, I can tell you that it's most likely neither of you have changed considerably in the few months since YOU left THEM (which is why I asked my ex-girlfriend to move on when she was, yes, still hung up on me).

Or, if you are going to have "ex-boyfriend issues" (which is a phrase I've heard more than "weapons of mass destruction" or the name Ryan Seacrest), please try to not date other guys. You just end up breaking a lot of hearts.

And that's not to say that guys don't do the same thing - because I'm sure they do - but no guy has ever hurt me by being hung up on his ex-girlfriend.

I'm sorry, was there just an angry rant here? I blame it on the weather...and ex-boyfriends.

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