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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Okay, imagine this scenario:

Let's say that you're auditioning for a show. Let's say a musical, perhaps written by Stephen Sondheim, possibly about Presidential assassins. And let's say that you originally auditioned with one specific role in mind, perhaps the guy who killed President Garfield (a role that, let's just say, you played before in another production), but you said that you would take any role. Now let's say that, hypothetically, you were cast in the ensemble of the show, and someone else got the role.

Now, obviously, the first instinct you'd have would be to scrutinize this other guy's performance, and to think about how much better you would be in the role. Please do NOT do this!!! Instead, try focusing on how to make your role in the show the best that it can possibly be. Reflecting on what might have been will get you nowhere, and will only distract you from what you should really be doing, which is working on your lines/blocking/songs. Obviously, the director felt that this ther guy would better fit the role than you would (and let's also say that perhaps she was right in this decision). You need to get over this fact. And if that is something that you don't think you can accept, then you shouldn't say that you will take any role at the auditions.

Oh, and if, hypothetically, you decide to give in to temptation and complain about the other guy's performance, please do so to yourself and not to another cast member (like, for instance, someone who might be playing Franklin Roosevelt's would-be assassin). There are three reasons for this:

1). He most likely does not want to hear about how your performance compared to the other guy's, or how much more work you had to do in your big number than the other guy does.
2). You're going to end up bringing this guy down with your constant complaints, an experience that he might have had before if, hypothetically, he had acted in a popular thriller with you six months prior, a thriller that was perhaps made into a movie starring, oh I don't know, let's say Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve.
3). He might put it as an entry on his online journal, if he just so happened to have one.

Before you complain, take a moment to reflect. Think about how there are children starving, innocent people being slain, and voices that are unfairly silenced all around the world. Then think about the complaint that you're going to unload on this other cast member. Make a decision as to whether or not this cast member really needs to know your problem (also, don't continue to flirt with said cast member when it's obvious that he's straight and obviously uninterested...that is if, hypothetically, you happen to be gay).

Just hypothetically.

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