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Saturday, June 26, 2004
I just came back from the Abbey Awards, an awards show for those people who were exclusively in Westminster Community Theatre shows for the 2003/2004 season. I won an award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for my outstanding, ground-breaking work as Jack in "Into the Woods" (actually, my work was neither outstanding nor ground-breaking, nor did it deserve to win over Justin Bowler's work as Cinderella's Prince).

But when I went up to give my acceptance speech, I wanted to say something unpretentious (because let's face it, awards shows are a pretentious matter, made even more so by speeches from actors). So, here's how it went:

PRESENTER: And the Abbey goes to...(Opening envelope)...Jeremy Gable for "Into the Woods".

(Thunderous applause and cheering and women throwing panties and phone numbers on stage...or not. I walk up, and put on the ceremonial sunglasses that all the winners had to wear, most likely to keep up the tropical theme of the night)

ME: (Regarding sunglasses) The ultimate in fashion. (Smattering of laughs at a joke I've used several times before) Well, they say acting is reacting (See, I'm already off to a bad start here) and if that's the case I had the best people to react off of in Krissy, Karen, Karl, Bonnie, Brad, Britney, Laura and Daniella. (Smattering of laughs at my rapid-fire listing of names) Yeah, I practiced. (More laughs, more panties) And everyone else in the cast who I wasn't on stage with, but had a great time backstage with. (Realizing I'm not saying anything interesting and deciding that now is the perfect time to wind it up) And also to Mark, and Channing, and John, and everyone else on the production, it was a great show. Thank you. (Take off ceremonial sunglasses and walk off, realizing halfway to my seat that I forgot to thank Carrie, our stage manager, and wishing that I had gone with my original idea of just saying "Thank you" and nothing more)

If you go to this site, they should have it posted soon, so that you can see the whole speech for yourself.

And now the award is sitting in front of me, and I feel grateful to have it, and at the same time, I wish that someone else would have won, because the moment I get recognition, I lose all desire to be unpretentious and start getting self-congratulatory. You know what? I'll be grateful. Why not? It's the first award I've won in a very long time, and it will stand very proudly next to my monitor.

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