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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
There are three films that I've seen so far this year that I'm sure I will still be talking about by the end of the year:

1). Kill Bill, Vol. 2 - When paired with Vol. 1, it is everything you wish a movie to be. Funny, romantic, sad, exciting, scary, beautiful, all of it. Any doubts I ever had about Uma Thurman have gone by the wayside.

2). Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Charlie Kaufman is the best screenwriter in Hollywood right now, Michel Gondry the best director the field of music videos ever had, and Jim Carrey one of the most consistently pleasing and surprising of today's Hollywood stars. The trio - along with Kirsten Dunst, Kate Winslet, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Wilkinson, Elijah Wood, and David Cross - managed to make a film that is odd and stylistic, yet surprisingly accessible.

3). Super Size Me - Morgan Spurlock's funny, stylish documentary is in the vein of Michael Moore with its in-your-face confrontation of the dangers of fast food. Centered around a self-inflicted experiment in which he eats only McDonald's food for thirty days straight, the statistics presented (along with the damage to Spurlock's body) are staggering.

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