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Saturday, May 01, 2004
So in the next 48 hours, I will go to two auditions. One is for the Young Playwrights Festival, in which I will be auditioning mainly for the lead role a musical (I can't go into much more detail because the shows have not yet been oficially announced. Just in case the people that aren't reading this and don't give a shit will tell other people). And the other is for "Equus", which I mentioned before. These are happening pretty much on the same day, would rehearse at the same time, and would perform at the same time. So I can only do one. Here are the pros and cons of each:

- A really awesome role that I am at least physically suited for.
- A lot of exposure (L.A. Times reviews them)
- A theatre that I've wanted to work with.
- There is "some pay" for the role (no specifics on the amount).
- Get to kiss an attractive nude girl.

- I'm not sure that I will actually be good enough for such a challenging role.
- It would take a lot out of me emotionally and I can't say that it would be "fun".
- Full frontal nudity for several minutes required.

- A fun role that I am perfectly suited for.
- A really cool show with hilarious songs.
- Good exposure (a lot of people go to this festival. Last year, I sat three seats away from Alyson Hannigan at one of the shows).
- A theatre that I love working with.
- Get to kiss a girl, though she won't be nude.
- No nudity required.

- It's in L.A., which is somewhat of a drive from Orange County.
- No pay (which is like any other show I've done).
- Only one weekend of performances.

So it's a dilemma. The pay and kissing nude girl ideas are nice, but not if I'm going to suck in the role and be nude whilst I'm sucking (that sounds wrong). Neither show comes along often. So I'm hoping I get cast in one and not the other so that will make my decision easier. You'll find out the results in a couple of days.

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