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Monday, May 17, 2004
As I get ready for my third audition in two weeks ("Assassins" at Hunger Artists in Fullerton), I'm starting to worry. I wasn't able to get my last two auditions, both of which felt better than they must have looked (usually it's the other way around). I've all but given up on stand-up comedy due to my frustration with the environment. I play piano, juggle, and tap dance, but none of them well to make it professionally (people have argued this with me, but those same people do not have a knowledge of what it takes to be a professional pianist, tap dancer or juggler). I've been having success as a writer, but I had someone very close to me tell me that it's not the best thing that I do. So what is? All of these things that I don't do well enough to make a living in? Then what am I doing? Will I ever be an entertainer, or an office lackey who does theatre in his off time? I guess tonight might prove something to me.

In happier news, I saw the documentary "Super Size Me" last night, and it's awesome. I highly recommend to everyone. Yes, everyone.

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