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Sunday, May 23, 2004
Anyone familiar with Orange County is familiar with the Irvine Spectrum, and anyone familiar with the Irvine Spectrum will be familiar with the big ferris wheel (a ferris wheel in an outdoor mall? For pure ostentatiousness, come to Southern California!). I was there with some friends last night, and we all went on it. And while riding it, I realized two things:

1). Amusement park rides are enjoyable to the masses not only because they offer some sort of thrill ("Look at how fast/high/wet were going/getting!"), but because they are a safe bet. The one constant about a theme park ride is that after your journey is finished, you'll end up right back where you started. You won't be deposited in some ugly place you've never been before. You'll arrive at the destination you left. That offers a kind of security that few other thrills in life can offer.

2). A ferris wheel shouldn't be built in a mall. We get in this machine that takes us to heights we could not normally achieve, and what amazing sights did we get to see? The tops of buildings and parking lots. How depressing and anticlimactic was that after paying money, standing in line, and slowly being lifted ten stories into the air? I would rather have a ferris wheel at something like a national park. However, to prevent from taking away the beauty of the place, there can't be any traveling lights, bright colors or annoying music. Just the nature and the steel rotating frame. In fact, maybe a ferris wheel wouldn't fit in a national park, a large hunk of machinery in a natural habitat. Maybe there just shouldn't be ferris wheels since there doesn't seem to be any place where they truly fit.

Just a thought.

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